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From the visionary minds that brought Ancient Indian history /mythology to the forefront of the Comics market & entertainment world in India comes another India’s first: the very first Hindu God Action Figure!

Based on the bestselling multi award winning Shiva:The Legends of the Immortal graphic novel series and featuring over 26 points of articulation, this beautiful 5-inch figure of Shiva The Destroyer & inevitably the Mahadev (God of Gods) is made to be marveled and terrified and impressed by! Holding his gorgeous trishul (trident) with Damru, his purple blueish sheen is the perfect standout in every child’s toy cabinet or even your work desk.

This Shiva comes with two spectacular accessories: one myth-accurate Trishul(Trident) & Damru & secondly , a terrifying highly detailed tiger head. A great feature of this figure is the ability to feature it in multiple poses like:

The Warrior Pose – Slightly bent at the knees and holding the Trishul (trident) in both hands.
The Blessing Pose – You can put Shiva’s trident by the side and leave his arms down and in his standard standing position, he can bless every viewer of the figure.

Do not lose this opportunity to pick up this Shiva figure soon because it is limited edition and exclusive to Vimanika sellers only. Our limited run of production on this figure also makes it a highly sought after soon-to-be-rare item!

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