Durga : Legends Graphic Novel


Her courage knows no bounds. Her strength has no limits. Her love sees no obstacles. Yet, every time she descends her challenge is greater than before, her test harder than before and her enemy more powerful than before.

This one hundred page Mytho/Ancient Historical epic collects three Legendary tales of the Super Goddess. As Durga she is called to fight Mahishasura who has taken over Earth and Swarga, rendering all Devas powerless. As Vaishno Devi she must survive a heart wrenching chase through deep, dark forests from the black magician Bhairav Nath who intends to conquer her very soul. As Chandi she is trapped in the clutches of an army of Asuras headed by Sumbha and Nisumbha who use strategy, deception and surprise to end Shakti once and for all.

Written by Shashank Avvaru (I Am Kalki) with artwork from Dildeep Singh, Alessio Mariani and research input from Shailendra Gulhati (Shiva:The Legends of the Immortal)

Durga: The Legends is Vimanika Comics’ & Karan vir Arora/Shailendra Gulhati’s most ambitious graphic novel post the national bestseller Shiva TLOI series .


Pages 100 + Poster Free /Perfect Bind

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