I Am Kalki: The Golden Book (Paperback)


Best Cover in India Comic con India Award 2011

The tenth incarnation of Vishnu is Kalki Avatar or holocaust. The scriptures have described Kalki coming as a blazing Light when He descends from heaven. Lightning, thunder, heavy rain and harsh sun are frequently associated with this avatar.

The name Kalki means literally, of iron or machine. Kalki’s divine mission is to destroy the demons of – corruption and ignorance.

Kalki is a dark, slender, handsome and youthful boy in his mid-teens. He has extreme hatred for all things unethical, corrupt and inhuman. Kalki gradually discovers that he has many powers in his control.

He begins a new life in the city, and behaves like any average teenager; and in the night he goes around hunting down enemies of humanity- the modern day demons.

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