I am Kalki: The Black Book (Volume – 3) (Paperback) + Poster


Maybe there is a way of stopping the world from ending. Maybe there is a way to save it. It’s a pity we can never find it.
As the eventual war comes closer, battle lines start seeping up from beneath the rocky ground. Vishnu Sharma’s own uncle takes on the tall weapon of justice against one of the city’s leading politicians only to face undying fire.

A determined Kalki sets out on a journey to save a village from pure wrath with his trusty axe and a cipher of a message “Not everything is what it seems”. He is at his best, like always, but he is not even close to countering the evil that awaits him in this abandoned village.

As if all this weren’t enough, Kali, living in a guise on earth finally tracks Kalki down. Or does he?
Plus detailed biographies of the main demons that will be appearing in the series await the readers at the end. Who will come up victorious? What will ultimately happen? Maybe the world will end after all and even a young God will not save it.

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